About me.

I’m an avid reader who has always written on the side, but has never decided to get serious. Well, the rest of my life is pretty settled so this is a good time to really get my butt in the chair and get it done. I’m 31, blond haired, green eyed and freckled. I live in the Boston area with my wonderful husband, a little orange kitty and a big black and white dog who hates the little orange kitty with a passion. And as busy I am, I’ve discovered that most wonderful thing, the Good Audio book. So now I read as fast as the narrators can talk. Being a Domestic engineer has never been more fun. I can do dishes, fold laundry, dust, vacuum, punt the cat and cook dinner, all while reading a good book. God bless technology!

I started my reading life in the 6th grade with Greek mythology. I am lightly dyslexic, so I was a poor reader, and still struggle to spell. (One of my finest moments was asking my friend, in all seriousness, “How do you spell ‘the?'” I’d actually forgotten.) My grades were bad, reading skills dismal and I didn’t pay attention well in class. What can I say, it was boring and I didn’t do any of it well. So my school decided I was ADD/ADHD and stupid. So happens to many dyslexic people out there. My reading was barely at a fourth grade level when I met Mythology and fell in love. I went from Greek, to Norse, to Native American, to Hindi. I gave up on the Hindi stuff, but found I now craved a good tale. I distinctly remember seeing the cover of Anne McCaffrey’s Dragon Singer and thinking it looked like a good book. I know, I judged a book by it’s cover. Good thing I was right! By the time I started 8th grade, I was reading at a college level, with an adult level comprehension and was dragging around 1000 page tomes of Science Fiction. I still didn’t do much homework, and I struggle to spell to this day, but no one thought I was stupid anymore.

As seems to be natural with all avid readers, I started to write not long after I started to read. I still have a huge folder of all the bits of stories I started writing in school. I even wrote a pages long ballad to the dragons of Pern. Give me a break, I was like 12. And for my horse loving phase, I found Mercedes Lackey and her Companions, which sated my thirst for horses, and filled my head with dreams of white steeds with bright blue eyes. None of them ever came for me, much to my adolescent disappointment. I’ve tried my hand at Romance, and what women who reads it hasn’t, but I doubt I’ll ever really write one. They lose my attention to quickly. I’m an avid reader of Sci-fi and Fantasy, with the occasional brief sojourn into Romance. I write mainly Fantasy with some Sci-fi mixed in for variety.


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