2 eggs and Bacon!

03 Mar

Ah, the first day of being able to eat fats again was a glorious day indeed. I looked forward to it like a child…okay like I look forward to Christmas. I dreamed of the foods I would be able to eat, I thoughts about them every waking hour of that last week and in fine fashion, I made things before I could even eat them, just to be ready you understand. One of those things was pimento cheese. Now I lived in the south for a number of years, but I never had pimento cheese. It wasn’t made in my house, because we’re from New England and such things are not made in the homes of the cold north. But while trolling YouTube for tasty things to fantasize about eating I came upon this video about a chicken fried hamburger of all things. And while the burger itself looks really good, I fell in love with cheesy goo he put on the burger. So I set forth and made it!

Now, when I first make a new recipe, I follow the directions and don’t adjust anything, I write notes about things to change when I’m done. So this is the recipe in the video, thought there are things I will change about it, but I’ll cover those at the end. Here’s the recipe I used.

Pimento Cheese (Original)

16 oz shredded cheddar cheese
1 Cup Mayonnaise
7oz jar Pimento red bell peppers chopped
1 Tablespoon fresh chopped parsley
1 Tablespoon fresh chopped cilantro
dash of cayenne paper
juice from 1/4 of a lemon
fresh ground black pepper
dash sea salt

Pimento Cheese 01
I put the cheese in a bowl, added the parsley that was already chopped from the night before and then chopped things.

Pimento Cheese 02
These things are pretty slippery so cutting them was a bit of a pain. Next time I’m using a food processor on them!

Pimento Cheese 03
Everything’s chopped, measured and added. While I do prefer to use my own mayonnaise, I find that Safflower mayo is incredibly tasty and a good alternative to the crap made with the horrible-for-you canola oil that every other mayo on the planet is made with. It also has no sugar in it, which is key for me right now. And why is there sugar in mayo anyway?

Pimento Cheese 04
This looks really nice just like this, but I found it to be a little runnier than I would like, so I strained some of the mayo out and saved it for later.  And traditionally you whip it up in the food processor, which I ended up doing to make some pimento cheese sandwiches for entertaining friends. I was a little jealous since they got to try it before I could even eat it, but it was a big hit. One of the guys is gluten intolerant so I served it up to him as a dip with corn chips and he found that to be an excellent solution. He also said it was better than the stuff he used to get as a kid, and while I’d like to take credit for that, I can’t. I’m pretty sure the cilantro and parsley are the key to this recipe.  And the mayo.  Seriously, if you haven’t tried safflower mayo, you should.  Just saying.

Pimento Cheese 05
And finally I get to eat it! I put it on my eggs and it was very good, though a little too salty for my taste, and that’s saying something on this diet. I’ve never been one to eat what most people would consider a normal amount of salt. Most things made for me by someone else, such as in restaurants, tends to be too salty. On this diet, I was craving salt like it was illegal. And this was too salty, so in future I would not add salt. And I would cut the mayo by half. This lowers the salt further, but also gives the mixture a firmer texture that would make using it as a sandwich filling a great deal easier and cuts some unnecessary calories as a bonus. And I do like it enough to add it to my recipe box.


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