I hate Arugula

06 Mar

I really do. The bitter taste makes my mouth form that universal expression of revulsion with every chew of the foul weed. Not only is it bitter, but it has this overwhelming muddy water flavor that sticks to my teeth. Reprehensible. And just my luck, it’s the new sea salt. Ah, the wonderfully wacky world of fad foods. It seems I’m having a harder and harder time finding a salad mix that doesn’t have arugula, or it’s equally hated, though not quite as foul cousin, radicchio mixed in for good measure.

Yes, I know. If I want bitter, muddy water free salads, I should buy the lettuce and make my own mix. Touche, but for only two people, it’s pretty wasteful. We’d have to eat salad with our breakfast cereal to use it all up. So I like the mixed bags and I like to go organic when possible. Thank you arugula, for making that impossible.

And on the topic of food fads, sea salt in my chocolates! Stop doing that, please. You have ruined caramels with your salt invasion. I can’t get a decent, salt free chocolate from the artisan chocolatiers anymore. They have all been body snatched by aliens with a need for constant salt intake. Why I ask you does the fad food take over the whole food line?

So I wait for the fads to blow over so I can have a fresh salad and superb caramel. May I not wait in vain.


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2 responses to “I hate Arugula

  1. thomasmc1957

    October 29, 2012 at 3:12 pm

    It’s genetic. Some people have a gene that allows them to detect certain aldehydes, and to them (us) arugula is an incredibly foul substance, worthy only of the fires of Hell. For those without the gene, who cannot even begin to comprehend what we smell/taste, it is just a peppery lettuce. Even a tiny piece hidden in my salad can make me sick to my stomach.

  2. Joseph Chambers

    January 25, 2013 at 5:46 pm

    I don’t think these things are fads I think it is an enlightenment happening in the US. This is common stuff in France. Americans have just been stuck eating fatty crap food for about 50 years now.


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