Why the meat hate?

18 Feb

I was looking through the flyer for my local health food store, from which I purchase my raw milk cheese, and I was struck by how much stuff in there was touted as meatless. Not a problem really, I have nothing against people who choose not to eat meat. Totally your choice. What I don’t understand is the idea that meat is somehow unhealthy. Where did this idea come from?

Are all meats good to eat constantly? Well no, like all things, food needs to be eaten with great variety. Plants are in the same boat, there are plenty that you don’t want to eat in great quantities. Strawberries come to mind as they can give a lot of people the serious runs.

What really bothers me about this whole Vegetarian movement is the militant faction, who are set on taking meat away from the rest of us. Why? I would understand the humanitarian angle if animals were more humane in their killing habits that we are. And I’m not talking about the huge farming system America has, which is obviously a problem, thanks to government corn subsidies. Corn has changed normal ranching and farming into a hideous monster of disease and mistreatment. I myself purchase beef from a local who raises them on grass and only a small amount of grain. I don’t buy big beef. Chicken is trickier to find, but I get what I can, and I buy wild caught fish.

Have you watched a nature show? Lions aren’t exactly humane when they take down a gazelle. They go for the neck most times, but they don’t always kill cleanly. I have seen more than one big cat snap the spine of an animal, then start chewing on the back half while the front half is trying desperately to crawl away. So why is it okay for them to eat other animals? Because it’s natural?

Okay, let’s look at that a moment. Big cats are carnivores. They need meat to live. You can’t raise a healthy cat on veggies. We aren’t carnivores. We aren’t herbivore either. We can’t spend the day making grass into steak. We aren’t bunnies or deer or cows. We’re omnivores. If you want to talk about evolution, then we are evolved to eat both meat and veggies. Our whole system is designed to run on both. A diet of all one or the other can cause health issues. You can’t be a body builder, or even grow a lot of muscle on veggies alone. And there are a whole host of issues associated with not eating enough plants.

So why this slant toward no meat? Why is an all veggie diet considered the epitome of health? I have no problem with those who choose that lifestyle. I have a problem with the desire of some vegetarians to ban meat from all others. Those who are just plain obnoxious about people eating meat. The ones who have a fit if you eat meat around them, or constantly tell you how bad it is, and such. Why? I don’t demand you eat meat. I don’t spend a whole dinner extolling the vise of eating veggies. I don’t think you should be forced to eat meat by law. Can we just allow for some tolerance of other lifestyles? Be vegetarian if you like it, if it makes you feel good. Great! Everyone is different. Choice is the soul of freedom. Leave it at that.

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