Shadowfever by Moning Review

03 Feb

I was planning on writing this review right after I read the book, but I’ve been putting it off. I don’t like to write negative things about books, it tends to turn people off. Especially people who have a vested emotional interest in an author. There are a lot of people out there who love everything an author writes. I’m rarely one of those people. And if I am, it’s because the author hasn’t written enough for me to find something I’m only ‘meh’ about yet. Even my favorite authors write books that I’m not that into. It happens. I don’t mind saying it.

So, here we have the Fever Series by Karen Marie Moning. It is the only series that I have read by her. I know she’s written a lot of romance novels, but I tried to read one and just couldn’t get through it. I really hate the gushy, flowery language used by a lot of romance novelists, it’s just a turn off for me. There are perhaps five to ten romance authors I like out there, so my not liking Moning’s romance isn’t saying much. Having said that, I loved the first three Fever books with a passion. The fourth was good but depended on the fifth for me to come to a resounding conclusion. And the fifth was a bit disappointing… It wasn’t as tight and snappy as the first three. It really felt like she rushed it, or was rushed by the publisher. It could have been a wittier, snappier book in 300 pages. It was 500 and change.

I also wonder if maybe she listened to her forum fans a bit too much. I say this because I have seen the fans that spend time on her forums and they pretty much make up one kind of reader. Nothing wrong with that, just saying the rest of us weren’t really represented to any extent and the squeaky wheel and all. The fifth book had little conflict in it compared to the other four, the romance was way over pronounced and didn’t really fit with the first three books at all. It felt more like a really long resolution sequence than a stand alone book. This is why I say the fans had too much of hand in it. They were the type to focus on the romantic/sexual relationships Mac had to the determent of the rest of the story. Honestly, she could have cut out most of the first 200 pages and it would have been better. This book just really focused on the love relationships and in the context of the overall story, part of that makes sense, just not the part about Mac’s love life.

Don’t get me wrong, it wasn’t bad, just not what I was expecting. The world was great, the characters fun and she kept me guessing. There were some questions that were not answered, but I’m guessing those will come in later books about the same world. It was worth reading, but it’s not one I would read again, where as the first three are worth a re-read.

My only other major beef with her books are the cliffhangers. Yes, her books have cliffhanger endings. I call foul on any use of a cliffhanger in a book! It’s not fair to the reader, it’s demeaning to yourself and it belongs only in the bygone era of the serial, where it is fine, and TV shows. And even TV show cliffhangers annoy me. Your book shouldn’t need one to get people to buy the next book. It’s insulting to yourself because you obviously don’t think the next book will sell without it. So there you have it, my thoughts on the book with no spoilers!


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