Weaving the tangled skein.

22 Jan

This, for me is always the hardest part. I never have too much trouble creating characters, a world, the magic system, back stories, motivations and so forth. That seems to be rather easy for me. It’s always the plot that trips me up. Nothing small, oh no. And I’m not saying that I make all this stuff with no idea for a plot…okay, it happens on occasion, but I set those aside to work on more later. I have an idea for the plot it’s just really basic. I usually come up with a basic premise and a few major plot points…and then I tend to get stuck…

How do I go from having a really solid idea of what’s going to happen on the grand scale, to near paralysis on the details? It happens every time and it’s always frustrating. I’m not the best at plotting. I think it’s in how I think, I’m a big picture kind of girl. I see the forest, but the trees are a bit hard to distinguish.

What really makes me crazy is that I’m super annoying to watch movies with because I can almost always figure out where the plots going. I’m the one going “Oh! That’s why he wants that thing-a-ma-do” ten minutes before he uses the thing-a-ma-do. So, if I can see plot arches to easily, why can’t I create them?

I know why, I’m not good at holding a lot of things in my head at once. I don’t think I’ll ever be too good at getting more than two plots lines in the same story. Not without a whole lot of whiteboard and a dedicated assistant. I’m not that great at chess either, because I can only see a few moves at a time. And that thinking is part of what makes it hard. When you don’t think you’ll be good at something, you keep second guessing yourself. I’m totally guilty. Half the time I don’t trust my own plot point choices. Self confidence, or at least the wilingness to just give it a try, will do a lot toward perfecting ones art. It’s something I’ll have to to work on, and I’m up for the challenge, but it’s still annoying. ^_^

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