The Sound that Moves

20 Jan

I’ve been thinking a lot about music today. I always do when I’m writing. I have a lot of trouble writing if I don’t have the right music to go with it. Music helps me focus. When I was in high school, my mother would scoff at these assertions, and I didn’t really know how to describe it to her. I do now. Without music, my mind wanders.

I’m not the best at focusing intently on a single thing for long periods of time. For 5 min to a half hour, sure. More than that? My brain melts and starts dripping out of my ears. My mind NEEDS more than one thing to think about at a time, or I start to go a little nuts. That’s why I am so very picky about the MP3 players I have. (I stumbled onto the best one without realizing it and I will never give it up! GRRRRR)

I know I’m not the only one and I find it interesting to see what other people listen to. Or how they pick the music. That’s sometimes hard for me. A) Because I have too many songs, some I’ve forgotten I have and B) because I’m always looking for a certain feeling. I have gone so far as to put a song on reply until I finish a scene to keep the feeling of the scene in my mind, in my body.

So here are a few of my favorites. I happen to love Battlestar Galactica, the new remake, not the original, but even if you didn’t like it much, the music was amazing. I have all the soundtracks and there is every feeling you could want in that mix. I have few favorite though that I know by name. The Shape of Things to Come from Season one is probably the one I love the most. It always gives me chills when I listen to it. It’s gentle, sweet and yet insistent, pressing, expectant, all at the same time. When I first heard it on the show I was entranced by the sound of it. I wish the track were longer. Passacaglia, also from Season one has a similar feel to it as The Shape, but it’s five minutes instead of three and has a more consistent feel to it. The violins are just gorgeous. It’s a fairly simple piece, but I think that’s what makes it so lovely. And I can’t mention the music of this series without mentioning Gaeta’s Lament from Season Four. It’s just haunting, the minor tones unsettling and yet beautiful. It’s great for that melancholy feel, and I now sing it for hours after hearing it.

Yeah, I like Anime. I’m eclectic in my tastes, so sue me. You should see my music library, you’d really scratch your head. Anyway, this is a great soundtrack for a more Sci-Fi feel and also delivers a wide range of emotion, but with an electronic age feel to it. The opening songs are amazing. Who am I kidding, anything Kanno Yoko does is amazing. She’s done so many soundtracks for so many anime and they all have their own flare, their own feel but I almost always know when Kanno is doing the music.

Final Fantasy Piano Collection is another one I listen to a lot while writing. And there are a whole plethora of songs that I can’t begin to name. They are part of the lifeblood of my writing. Without them there to keep me focused, to keep me feeling a scene, I don’t think I could write. I’m an artistic person and I’ve always said that I’d rather be blind, than deaf. Silence would be torture to me. Darkness holds only possibilities for my imagination. Silence holds death. Maybe I’m being melodramatic. Or maybe just honest.

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