I think my brain is full…

17 Jan

Or maybe I’ve got too much on my mind. I’ve had this though before, but I’m not sure what to do about it. I love to read, and with my discovery of well read audio books, I can do a lot of reading again. Yeah, it’s not the same is reading it myself, but it makes up for it in the amount of housework I can do while still enjoying a good book. Try folding the laundry while holding a book, it’s not easy. Although I did perfect the ability to change classes while still reading in high school. I have no idea how I did it, and I’m not going to dwell on it too hard.

So, I spend a lot of my day with ear-buds stuffed in my head while I do the dishes, clean out the fridge, walk the dog, sweep the floors, you get the idea. But I don’t do a lot of thinking. Audio books have taken the place of music for me, and though, it’s great to read, I have the same problem with the audio book, that I had with the read book. I can’t put it down/turn it off! It took me at least 10 minutes of fusing around to get myself to take them out, so I could at least starting thinking about writing today.

I can’t really think with the audio book going either. I have to turn it off to try to come up with a grocery list or jot down my to-do list for the day. I used to come up with great scenes while doing manual tasks, and now that thinking time is crowded out by audio book listening. I left the house, went to the store and filled up my grocery cart only to get though the checkout line and realize I’d forgotten to grab my money on the way out the door. And you guessed it, I was listening to a book. Not only as I prepared to go, but as I shopped to. (It does cut down on the spur of the moment purchases. Unless I’m hungry…) It was so embarrassing to tell the lady at the check out that I had no money. Not even a license. I had to drive home, get my money and drive back.

Hello, my name is Stila and I’m addicted to audio books… Do they have an ‘audio books anonymous’ group I can join? Will people get ABA and ABBA mixed up?

I’m too used to having something to listen to, and it’s cluttering my brain up with extraneous material. I need to cut back on the buds, but the withdrawal is going to be phenomenal.


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