This is bliss

12 Jan

There is nothing like a wood stove when there’s a blizzard
outside. I kind of feel guilty though, sitting on my nice warm love
sac, in front of a nice warm fire, with a cup of hot chocolate, my
iPad and a pad of paper while I hear my neighbor’s snow blower
going. But only kinda. I went outside long enough to break a path
around the back yard so the dog could do his business. He’s a big
dog, but even he can’t swim though this. It’s still coming down and
I live on a bit of hill, so it’s windy up here. There’s no point in
shoveling. My husband did some this morning, and you can’t tell, so
we’ll wait until tomorrow, when it stops. At least this set up is
conducive to getting writing work done. ^_^


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